Montreal Grand Prix - Round 7 of Formula One Action

The 41st edition of the “Grand Prix du Canada” or Canadian Grand Prix will take place in the late afternoon on Sunday June 8th at the Montreal Circuit. This will be the seventh round of the 2008 Formula One Championship race and it is expected to be a very entertaining competition specially due to the recent F1 overall standings changes; after the latest French street race in Monaco where the McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton achieved a long-expecting victory.

Main McLaren’s rival Ferrari believes the team has shown to have the best chances for a strong performance at the Canadian Grand Prix, where last year the McLaren Hamilton was crowned champion. Ferrari’s principal Stefano Domenicali mentioned "It's easy to say but difficult to do it. For sure, in terms of preparation, we are much more confident of the situation and hopefully it should be different from what we saw last year, we want to be positive for Canada because we take the same kind of approach but we need to be humble because the competition is always very strong”.

Certainly; the circumstances are different now that Hamilton is leading the drivers pack but defending World Champion Raikkonen possesses the skills and the drive to grab the top position if he is not taken seriously. Despite the Finn’s nightmare during his Monaco appearance where things just went totally wrong…first he was penalized and began in fourth place and later on was involved in a collision with Force India driver Adrian Sutil due to his team mate’s mistake.

Regardless of what happened;Raikkonen does not look back and gets ready for his next stop in Montreal where this year the Scuderia has surprised with a better vehicle than the one they had last year for this type of tracks where rain and sudden weather changes are expected and it is like the safety car will be in use. Raikkonen’s goal is to be able to breeze through the 70 lap race and end the struggle other Ferrari drivers had faced in Canada.

By winning in Monaco a week ago Hamilton has regrouped McLaren’s hopes to a solid return especially now that the next meeting will be where Hamilton had his dream come true his first and most remembered win of all. We are seeing more and more sparks as the young driver regains control.

On the other hand, there is BMW Sauber team driver Rober Kubica who finished second at the Monaco Grand Prix and with a total of 32 points into the season who seems to be facing greater and deeper problems within his group as there are rumours of possible confrontations with team mate Heidfeld. “I, personally, am not racing against my team-mate, but against all 19 drivers. If I leave them all behind me, then I automatically leave my team-mate behind me too" mentioned Kubica.

After Monaco going to Montreal the Polish driver stays amongst the 2008 leaders of the season where he and Hamilton will face the fastestScience Articles, the cleverest and most audacious drivers who continue gathering points for the championship win.